Winter Grae is a feature film in the horror genre, that blurs the line between internet voyeurism and the paranormal.

The Story
The former child TV star and popular vlogger Winter Grae disappeared without a trace from a hotel room filled with web cams. Winter is one of the most famous missing persons of the 21st century.
Two years later an FBI Video Analyst reviews footage from an unreleased documentary about her mysterious disappearance. All in response to multiple homicides involving the Winter Grae case.
The unreleased documentary filled was with featuring interviews with experts, and people close to her.  Shocking footage is shown that many believe to show a paranormal entity is responsible for unspeakable acts. Did a stalker kill young Winter Grae, or did she simply quit Hollywood. The investigative effort takes the documentary filmmaker and a TV entertainment reporter to the dark side of fame, and the willingness to sell your soul to achieve fame.