Who Is Winter Grae

Watch Winter Grae, a Screenlife Film

A Screenlife movie that puts you inside a conspiracy to hide the truth. A social media streamer has access to deleted videos and explores an occult mystery in a live stream. Unravel a coverup, look for clues to what happened to Winter Grae. Will she survive to tell the truth?

Winter Grae
A Screenlife movie About Discovering Deleted Videos That Reveal a Deadly Mystery about actress Winter Grae.

A Screenlife movie that provides you a live stream of  previously deleted video clips recovered by a hacker and posted to the Dark Web. The revealed videos cover years of interviews, social media video posts, private cell phone recordings, webcams, security camera footage, and much more.
What happened to Winter Grae? Will the streamer survive after discovering the truth or perish with the secret?

A Screenlife movie
Winter Grae is screenlife movie, merging both film and social media influencers.
You are watching the stream of an avid fan of the famous Winter Grae. Her obsession is a former child actor who became famous as an adult in the early days of social media. All of her videos were scrubbed from the internet by the authorities under court order. She hired hackers on the dark web to recover deleted Winter Grae videos found on various servers around the world. Each sever has different pieces of the story so select carefully.

Watch as she reviews all the pieces to the mystery, explore the conspiracy, see the truth.

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